Monday, July 31, 2006

4 Digital Photography Tips from an Amateur

I love taking photos because I like to look at pretty pictures. In this age of digital photography, almost anyone can take decent photographs. Some people can even take professional-looking ones with a point and shoot camera. I often tinkered with my own digital camera and come up with nice photos. I own a pretty basic digital camera. It is a Canon Powershot A510. I am just a beginner so I am only using the camera's auto functions. Here are some tricks that I often use:

1. Practice makes perfect. With film cameras, we do not have any idea if we took a good shot until we have the film developed. With the digital camera, we can shoot as many as the camera can store and choose the best photograph. This is what I did with the photos below. It took me four shots before I got the shot I had in mind.

2. Play with light. I have two photos of springrolls below. I used the camera flash on the first photograph. I felt that there was a glare when the flash fell through the oily part of the springroll. So, I tried using the light from the afternoon sun instead. This means that I have to turn off the flash. I think it is a better photo.

3. Try different angles. Below is a photograph of a Filipino dish called dinuguan. I positioned my camera over the food and took the first photo. When I viewed it, I did not feel like I want to eat it. So, I tried a different angle. The second photo looks delectable to me.

4. Play favorites. My favorite subjects are food and flowers. So whenever I have the opportunity to take photos of these favorites of mine, I click away to my hearts content. The success rate is quite high. It is probably because I felt good about it. How could I not feel good about it? They are my favorite things! "I simply remember my favorite things and then I won't feel so bad."


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