Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Churros con Chocolate

I have always heard about churros. My Spanish teacher one told the class that by the end of the semester, she will introduce us to Spanish food (which never happened). She mentioned paella and churros con chocolate. I thought ‘churros’ was some kind of dried fruit dipped in chocolate. I was thinking ‘churros’ was spanish for cherries! I once saw how this was made from FoodNetwork’s Gale Gand. From then on, I know how it should look like. Churros look like "straight" doughnuts.

One saturday afternoon, I slaved myself by cooking churros. I should have piped the dough using a star-stipped pastry syringe but I do not have it so I improvised by using a ziploc sandwich bag as pastry bag. I cut one corner to serve as nozzle. After I was done with all the cooking, I vowed not to do this again. I hate cooking for a long periods of time. It took an hour to finish the entire recipe. I have to wait for two churros to be fried well before I can dunk in another batch because that thing tends to curl up in the hot oil thus occupying the entire frying pan. I'm glad I was not alone feeling that way. One of my favorite bloggers tried to make churros also and said that she not thinking of doing it again.

It is funny that the Iron Chef Amercia episode that was shown on television that evening had chocolate as a secret ingredient. One of Mario Batali's dishes was churros con chocolate.