Monday, August 07, 2006

Oops, I slipped!

My father was talking to an architect. After a while, he called me. He wanted me to show them my sketchup project. I lead the way to my computer. Then, I slipped! I don't know what happened along to the computer. I think I lost 3 seconds of my life. I now understand when my mom said that she can't remember what happened when she had an accident. What I can remember was that I stepped on a smooth portion of our tiled floor. I had an initial slip which I was able to balance but when I stepped on the elevated area near the bathroom, before I realize it I was already on the floor. It was funny but nobody tried to laugh. I did not laugh. I immediately stood up and proceed to my computer like nothing happened. I suddenly felt a stinging sensation on my knee. There is a small scratch. I dabbed a little alcohol and continue to show them my 3D model of the house.

When they left, I started to narrate the incident to my aunt and cousin. I laughed. We laughed.

Lessons learned:

1. Once in a while, slow down. Not everything needs to be done fast.
2. When you fall, pick yourself up and move on.
3. Laugh at yourself.
4. Share a good story.
5. Body fats are good cushions when you fall.


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