Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Doing the laundry is one of the chores I cannot avoid. I have it on schedule: every Friday, after work. There were occassions where I got lazy. I thought Saturday morning is just fine for laundry time. I was wrong. The local water district had their pipe maintenance. What a luck, huh? Of all the Saturdays, they schedule it on the particular Saturday when I need to do laundry. And if it isn't the water company, the power company also has its brownout schedules. So, I learned a lot. Friday evening is really for laundry.

So, how do I do my laundry? Below are the steps:

1. Prepare the machine. Fill the machine with enough water. The machine usually has markers on how much water need to be filled. It is dependent how much laundry you are going to do.

2. Prepare the materials needed. I often use detergent, bleach and fabric softener. Detergent is for cleaning the clothes. Bleach is for the whites. Fabric softener will make clothes smell good, softer and smoother that ironing will not be necessary. Other materials would include basins and hangers. Yeah, in my part of the world, we hang our clothes to dry. So, hangers are pretty handy.

3. Separate clothes. Separate the whites, lights and darks.

4. Load them up in the machine. Pour detergent first. It would help if you dissolve it first in a dipper of water so that the detergent particles woul not settle at the bottom of the machine. The sequence would be whites first, then lights and lastly, darks. Load the whites first then set the timer to the appropriate duration of the wash cycle as instructed in the machine manual. Or do the estimate. The maximum setting would be when the machine is in its full load. If your dirty clothes are just half the full load, then set the timer to the median. When the cycle is up, unload the whites. Check on your water if it is still clean enough for the next cycle. Refill, if dirty. Add water when it is not enough for the next load. Assess also if you still need to add detergent. Adding too much detergent is bad for the clothes. The soap particles are difficult to rinse off and unnecessary. They don't make your clothes cleaner. Albeit, they will ruin them.

5. Rinse well. I do the rinsing manually. I unload the clothes to the basin and rinse them thoroughly. I save time by rinsing my first batch while the second batch of clothes are being washed by the machine. Note: When I am done with the whites, I rinse them thoroughly and soak them overnight in a basin of water mixed with detergent and bleach.

6. Use the fabric conditioner. After thoughly rinsing the clothes, I fill up a basin with clean water with a mixture fabric conditioner. Soak the clothes for a few seconds before hanging them to dry.

7. Hang to dry.

I do this every Friday so that by Sunday, I have newly washed clothes ready to be folded neatly in my cabinet. Neat, huh? Before I forget, clean the machine afterwards. It is nice to start to next Friday's (or whatever your schedule is) laundry time with a clean slate.


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